Robinson Brooklyn’s Bespoke service in Williamsburg, New York allows us to maximize the custom tailoring experience. There is no limit on options, regardless of complexity for a hand tailored, custom made suit. You will have a discussion with one of our custom tailors, giving a detailed description of your wants and needs. We will carefully take measurements of your body as well as the custom details.

A pattern will be drafted out to your exact specifications to meet your individual style. Robinson Brooklyn’s Bespoke service can require anywhere from 2 to 4 fittings depending on the complexity of the personalized garment. Each stage will allow us to carve and sculpt the garment, executing the perfect fit to your silhouette, creating a high end, bespoke, one of a kind piece.


Suit $3600
Suit with vest $4100
Jacket $2750
Tuxedo $3940
Car Coat $3100
Top Coat $3700
Vest $720
Lapel Vest $925
Slacks $900
Jeans 525
Shirt $380
Belt $240 – custom
Ties $180
Suspenders $235

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