In the first weeks of spring, The House of Robinson took a break from Bespoke suits and custom shirts, to create an Italian linen shop coat for the new JACKS COFFEE built in the ROXY Hotel.

The ROXY HOTEL has commissioned CRAIG ROBINSON to create uniforms for every tier of the hotel.

“I have always been very passionate about uniforms as far back as I can remember. A project this large, with this many tiers, is very exciting from a design standpoint. It’s like building costumes for the Deathstar, but in real life.”

Each Jacket was individually cut and assembled in our bench made shop. We designed the jacket using many elements of our bespoke style. We combined the Neapolitan style camicia manica with a classic American wash coat from the gold rush era. The jacket features 3 machine-stitched egg shaped pockets, a dancer sleeve to give generous movement for employees, and wood buttons dyed in Jacks Coffee.

This particular jacket will only get better in time. Make sure to stop in to grab a cup of Joe and check out the construction on the jackets. More uniforms to come all summer.